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탈식민주의 혁명가 프란츠 파농의 저항과 민족해방운동


Postcolonial Revolutionary Frantz Fanon’s Resistance and National Liberation Movement


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Postcolonial Revolutionary Frantz Fanon’s Resistance and National Liberation Movement Jae-Won Lee(Yonsei University) Frantz Fanon - a prominent figure of the 20th French intellectual society, born in French Martinique and who fought against colonialism through the political struggle and literary resistance - has long been forgotten in France. It is not difficult to understand this kind of his position in France when we remember the fact that he criticized colonial tyranny within assimilationism. For the French, referring to Fanon is revealing their shameful past. Not only in french but also in western academic world, he was considered as ‘an apostle of violence’, with his name forbidden to be mentioned, and even in Algeria, where he led independence struggle as a psychiatrist, he was not fairly evaluated. This thesis aims to give prominence to Fanon’s political practicality, trying to correct the misunderstanding and distorted evaluation of Fanon. There are various words to call Fanon ; a French and a black Martinique, a psychiatrist and an Algerian liberation struggle Champion, an anticolonial practitioner and a postcolonial theorist. However, many people still remember him as a symbol of intellectual in action. Fanon, who led resistance movement as a prominent figure of FLN, was an intellectual who emphasized the politics and practicality of the theory more than any other intellectual. Through this thesis, I hope that you will find the way of the third world postcolonial liberation movement by putting Fanon’s ideas and life in the new colonial international relationship which still works on in the name of neoliberal globalization and that you will understand the meaning and the influence of material and mental decolonization Fanon offered in our age.


I. 파농의 부활과 '일그러진 초상'
 II. 생애와 지적 여정
 III. 정치적 실천성과 '민족해방' 문제
 IV. 폭력에 관한 성찰
 V. 파농이 남긴 유산


  • 이재원 Jae-Won Lee. 연세대학교


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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