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‘우리’와 ‘그들’의 접촉지대: 영국 인류학 박물관에서 보는 현대 미술


The Contact Zone between ‘Us’ and ‘Them’: Contemporary Art in the Anthropological Museum in Britain


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The Contact Zone between ‘Us’ and ‘Them’: Contemporary Art in the Anthropological Museum in Britain Seong Eun Kim(NJP Art Center) This paper seeks to uncover what lies behind the changing conceptualisation of the anthropological museum in the UK. British anthropology began as an academic discipline about exploring ‘other’ cultures, and was largely museum-based in its earlier days. The British Museum in London houses a substantial amount of anthropological collections amassed since the 17th century; the Pitt Rivers Museum founded in 1852 is closely affiliated with the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology in the University of Oxford. Having been framed by the British colonialist world view, the two museums today cannot but revisit the past and revise the relationships with the other cultures that have been brought from all over the world to the museum space. This is not least because the multicultural composition of the British society itself becomes more complex than ever in an increasingly connected world. The museums need to attend to different voices to reinterpret their history and collections. One of the ways for the museums to bring in new perspectives is to invite contemporary artists to produce works of art in there, who live a transnational life while keeping eye on their specific cultures of origin. This paper looks into the works of two international artists from Nigeria and Tibet respectively, whose works of art are shown in the contexts of the British Museum and the Pitt Rivers Museum, thereby commenting on cultural identity and historical memory represented by the museums.


I. 세계를 이해하다, 소유하다
 II. 영국, 타자성, 그리고 박물관
 III. 소카리 더글라스 캠프(Sokari Douglas Camp, b. 1958) - <플레이, 디스플레이>
 IV. 곤카 기얏소(Gonkar Gyatso, b. 1961) - <유니언 잭>ㆍ<나의 정체성>
 V. 보편의 가능성


  • 김성은 Seong Eun Kim. 백남준아트센터


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