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A Review and Synthesis of Research in Career Education for Elementary School Students


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The purpose of this study was to review and synthesize the previous research in career education for elementary school students. This study was prepared through an extensive of literature related to career education for elementary school students. The review of literature included articles, dissertations in elementary school students' career education from 1993 to 2005 year. A total of 268 papers were analysed in the following research aspects: (1) the topics of research, (2) the research method, (3) instrument choice and validation. The major findings acquired from this study were as follows: (1) the number of career education research papers for elementary school students has been increasing steadily since the 1996; (2) the research topic of career education program had the highest portion in career education research for elementary school students. but, the research topics of current status in elementary schools and career maturity has been decreasing quantitatively since the 2002; (3) most variables are made too much of personal and psychological factors in terms of setting the related variables of career development for elementary school students; (4) the subject people were students, teachers, parent, of which 6th students were lively inquired; (5) survey research and experimental research were commonly used, but the others rarely; (6) There are certain cases of using improper instruments; (7) many papers are not provided with the reliability and validity of instrument.


  • 이종범 Lee, jong-Bum


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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