<겨울연가>, 그 내적 체험을 위한 검토


‘Gyeoulyeonga'(Winter love song), the research for the inner experience


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This paper examines the problem of ‘gyeoulyeonga(Winter love song)’ structure analysis, particularly of Meaning of text. ‘Winter lpve song’ still it is thin it left the point which is one T.V drama and became the opportunity which recognizes Korea newly in the different country from point the meaning is big. ‘Winter love song’ quite it is thin also the talk log of the first love which is simple does not know. Also basic of T.V drama beginning which is a structure attribute, the drama which is complete in structure of rise, crisis, drop and final there is a possibility of doing. It is like that but it was universal and the Korean element was emphasized and the many people it was loved. ‘Winter love song’ compares in and thin different drama is twisted is not visible. Is good with is bad the as ‘jungsang’ who is excluded a clear opposition loves ‘yujin’ and to lead the structure which desires is advanced basic flows with. At this drama the gaze of the viewer together intensively in interest uses the motif which is various from multi portion and with the bud it makes. It is a archetype quality of Korea and it comes into bearing with it comes loose and circulating structure to lead the place where it is developed, is treating the talk where at this drama is quite also the reason which the running speed comes to feel obvious quickly originates to here.


  • 金瑚然 김호연. 東京大學 文學部 外國人硏究員


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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