전통과 혁신: 교황 그레고리우스 7세 개혁의 양면성


Tradition and Innovation: Two-sided Trait of Pope Gregory VII's Reform


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The activities of Pope Gregory VII who had stood on the center of church reform movement since the time of Pope Leo IX, were considered as the leading figure in the history of eleventh century. He as a reformer made all his efforts to eliminate religious corrupts and secularization of church such as simony, clerical marriage, and the occupying of church property by laity. Recovery of pure spirituality and breakthrough of habitual misdeeds meant going back to the spirit and to the life of ancient christianity founded upon the tradition of biblical understanding. From this point of view, it can be said that the Gregorian reform movement was looking forward to retrieve the tradition of early christian authority rather than to establish new progressive practices. Nevertheless, it was almost impossible for Gregorian reformers to achieve their aim without official awareness of universal pope, and papal supremacy which differed from the authority of bishop. Such ideas and activities of reformers were destructive to the long time established structure for the bishops and the secular powers who stood against papacy. In this perspective, the reform ideas of Gregory VII could be considered as revolutionary and progressive. The contradicting views on the substance of Gregorian reform ideas could be approached through screening the letters sent by Gregory VII, and Dictatus Papae. The review of material documents written by him made an understanding possible that tradition and innovation were not separate ones which could not be mingled into one element, or could be inconsistent to each other. Gregory thought that these two essentials could be united on the understanding of veritas Christi. Therefore, it is reasonable to take a consideration that Gregory simultaneously pursued those contradicting ideas in his reform activities.


I. 머리말
 II. 서한에서 보이는 전통과 개혁의 정신
 III. 교황법령(Dictatus Papae) 에 내포된 전통과혁신의 양면성
 IV. 맺음말


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