중세 여성 종교운동에 대한 사제와 신학자들의 반응: 13세기 초에서 14세기 중엽까지 파리 베긴에 대한 신학자들의 태도 연구를 중심으로


Theologians' Response to Parisian Beguines (13th Century through the Mid-14th Century)


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This article examines how the 13th-century Parisian clergies and theologians responded to the uncloistered religious women known as "beguines," highlighting the way in which clerics employed the term "beguine" in sermons and the other materials. Clerics used the beguine as a positive examplar of the contemplative life, often comparing their own intellectual approaches to divine knowledge with the beguines' mystical knowledge. However, clerics also expressed misgivings about the beguines claiming the right to teach based on their direct knowledge of the divine. These phenomena should be understood in the context of the religious mood of the 13th century, notably the pervasive anti-pope and anti-clerical attitude spread by mendicant monks through, sermons. The theologians' and clerics' responses to the beguines' religious movement helps illuminate the religious climate of the 13th century.


I. 들어가는 말
 II. 베긴의 성장배경에 대한 사회적 정황
 III. 파리에서의 베긴 공동체
 IV. 파리에서 베긴에 대한 사제들과 신학자들의 반응
 V. 나오는 말


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