기나긴 fort-da 놀이 - 「남도 사람」연작과 영화 <서편제>, <천년학>에 대하여


Long 'fort-da' of Lee Chung-joon


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In the novels of Lee Chung-jun, an image of a mother haunts who repeatedly goes away and get near to the little garden near a seashore where the author was born and grew up. This paper interprets the scene as a kind of variation of Freud's ‘fort-da’ game and examines its influence on the whole works of Lee Chung-jun. Freud relates ‘fort-da’ game to the subject’s struggle to cope with a separation anxiety. It is asserted in this paper that almost all of Lee Chung-jun’s novels are the consequences of his struggle to get over the anxiety about separation from his mother. The later part of this paper explores Seo Pyun Jae and Chun Yeon Hak, the screen versions of his works, focusing on how the separation anxiety and the desire for incest, which are considered as the unconsciousness of his series , are embodied in these films.


1. 이청준식 fort-da 놀이
 2. 아버지의 소리
 3. 누이를 찾아서
 4. 보유 1 : <서편제>가 잃은 것
 5. 보유 2 : <천년학>이 복원한 것


  • 김형중 Kim, Hyoung-Joong. 조선대학교


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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