공공언어의 차별적 표현에 차별 의식 연구


A Study on Awareness of the Discriminatory on Discriminatory Language Expression


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This study is to review the domestic research trend and improved practices of discriminatory language expression on similar language and to redefined the discriminated expressions to come up with issues and alternative plans by searching and analyzing how college students are recognizing the discriminations on discriminatory expressions on common language such as newspaper or broadcastings.
The discriminatory expressions in domestic were often confined as sexual discriminatory expression and a study regarding discriminatory language expression hasn’t been done yet but since 2000, a variety of studies on discriminatory language, such as discrimination for disabled people, race and others, has done by a variety of social organizations and governments.
Most existing studies have focused that the target of the discriminatory expression doesn’t recognize the distinction. However, even the target doesn’t have critical awareness on discrimination, we’ve redefined the discriminatory language expression and that is if the content of the topic is nonobjective and have any chance to cause unequal social common idea.
In this study, we’ve investigated college students on discriminatory expression on common language by using questionnaire to find the level of perception on discriminatory expression.
Based on the survey, we’ve find that the awareness on sexual or race discriminations on common language was much higher but had relatively low awareness on disability discrimination. Especially, the awareness on social value judgment was very low.
Therefore, the writing must be aware of differential expression but the reader should also have eyes to distinguish the discrimination.
The universities require ongoing liberal arts classes to increase the awareness of discrimination for the students.


Ⅰ. 머리말
 Ⅱ. 언어 차별에 대한 인식과 연구 실태
  1. 언어 차별에 대한 인식
  2. 차별적 언어 표현의 범주
  3. 언어 차별의 유형
  4. 언어 차별의 개선 사례
 Ⅲ. 차별적 표현에 대한 인지도 조사
  1. 조사 대상 및 방법
  2. 설문 결과의 분석
 Ⅳ. 맺음말
 ■ 참고문헌 ■


  • 박동근 Park, Dong Geun. 건국대학교 강의교수


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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