東夷의 文化思想、- 精神的 理想으로서의 ‘仁’을 중심으로 -


The Culture and Thought of Dong-Yi -Centering on 仁(virtuous) for Menntal Ideas

동이의 문화사상、- 정신적 이상으로서의 ‘인’을 중심으로 -


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Dong-Yi Culture occupies a large position in Northeast Asia. Culture, re1igion appears to Northeast. po1itics. philosophy.
Art. science in various fields such as, the foundation has provided. And it still remains. Dong-Yi of the spiritual culture, especially the Northeast, as the ancient roots of re1igion, but also as the foundation of morals and philosophy, ethics have made this region. Confucianism, or Taoism, even worth more Chutzu Paichia(all philosophers and scholars) had a great influence on the formation
Among them, Dong-Yi Culture of mental abnorma1ities, Northeast Asia and the ethical concept of the re1igious ideas played a role in shaping considerable. Dong-Yi of the spiritual over, particular attention will be Faith in God and Samjoko-ideas, and will be called 仁(virtuous). This notion that the Northeast Asian regional particularities and beyond, as containing the universal values of mankind, is still a1ive because there is meaning.
仁(virtuous) or in the Dong-Yi is an important part of the mental. 仁(virtuous) word 孔子(Confucius) is widely used even before that, it brought with it a philosophical category 孔子(Confucius) can be called. In a classic 仁(virtuous) and 人(person) called, but Dong-Yi which are based on the humanistic culture as an expression, 弘益人間 and Dong-Yi are the core of the ethical ideals and virtues can be called In particular, 孔子(Confucius) also 東夷人(Dongyian) as Dong-Yi’s 仁(virtuous) person was exposed to. 孔子(Confucius) and the Dong-Yi’s 仁(virtuous) took over and by further, Confucianism is the heart of the theory of sublimation sikyeoteul. He and Oxidation in an era of chaos, it’s to save more than found on Dong-Yi. In the heart of his dream 仁(virtuous), there was the 仁(virtuous) or more of the behind the Dong-Yi as the mental 仁(virtuous) were occupied by. 孔子(Confucius) who wants to go 九東(Gu-Yi) of the soil and so was his muse for 君子不死之固Dong-Yi’s dream is more than just the same as wi th his spiritual longing f or home and hospice was right, but I continue.


 1. 들어가는말
 2. 동이의 정신적 이상
 3. 정신적 이상으로서의 ‘인(仁)’
  (1) 동이의 이상으로서의 ‘인(仁)’
  (2) 동이인의 이상로서의 ‘인(仁)’
  (3) 공자의 이상으로서의 ‘인(仁)’
 4. 나아가는 말


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