집단미술치료가 재한 중국인 유학생의 문화적응스트레스와 자기효능감에 미치는 효과


The Effects of Group Art Therapy on Acculturative Stress and Self Efficacy of Chinese Students in Korea

이정민, 이미옥

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This study was to learn the effectiveness of art therapy in the level of acculturative stress and self-efficacy among Chinese students in Korea. Six Chinese students who were taking Korean language courses at N university participated in this study. The Acculturative Stress Scale, PITR(Person in the Rain), and SES(Self Efficacy Scale) were used. From March 17 to April 29 in 2008, total 12 group art therapy sessions were given to the participants at a normal college classroom. The Wilcox Ranks Sum test was used to analyze the data. The results indicates that positive effects of the process of group art therapy in Chinese students in Korea whose acculturative stress continuously reduces, so even after a follow-up test. However, there was no significant effect on the students' self-efficacy. This study offers that the group art therapy can be a helpful counseling method for Chinese students around us who are dealing with psychological difficulties due to acculturation.


I. 서론
  1. 연구의 필요성
  2. 연구문제
  3. 용어의 정의
 II. 연구방법
  1. 연구대상
  2. 연구도구
  3. 연구절차
  4. 치료기간 및 장소
  5. 집단미술치료 프로그램
  6. 자료 처리
 III. 연구결과
  1. 집단미술치료가 재한 중국인 유학생의 문화적응스트레스에 미치는 효과
  2. 집단미술치료가 재한중국인 유학생의 자기효능감에 미치는 효과
  3. 중국인 유학생 집단미술치료 프로그램 효과의 회기별 진행 과정
 IV. 논의
  1. 집단미술치료가 재한 중국인 유학생의 문화적응스트레스에 미치는 효과
  2. 집단미술치료가 재한중국인 유학생의 자기효능감에 미치는 효과
 V. 결론 및 제언


  • 이정민 Lee, Jeang Miin. 영남대학교 일반대학원 미술치료학과
  • 이미옥 Lee, Mi Og. 영남대학교


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