예술치료와 샤머니즘에 대한 분석심리학적 관계 연구 - 춤, 동작 중심으로


A Study of Art Therapy and Shamanism in Terms of Analytic sychological Relation : By Focusing on its Dance and Movement


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Art Therapy as a view point of shamanism made healing through many kinds of creative work like shaman does. And this study was not only understand the systematic trend of shamanism but also examine and analyse in the shamanism related to Art Therapy and spiritual remedy. And especially through the analysis of shamanism the healing by Art therapy take a specific point and expand it to the core of shamanism. Therefore dance movement same as therapy as equal art activity as scientific healing action an example for approaching by anthropological consciousness, symbol, myth, archetype etc regarding psychology and psychoanalysis. This study shows that dance and movement as analytic psychological art therapy to shamanism is used as one of the tool and process which attain ecstasy for healing from many objects. Art therapy is useful for the point of view of various theory include healing which art work itself has and of analytic psychological view. Relations between performs of shamanism to Art therapy utilize to psychological healing because the primitive dance movement expressed the internal feeling is to change mind by its healing characteristics. From the psychological view, true dance movement make us high level of wisdom through body motion. Jung took precaution that modern people do not investigate inner oneself and get something external but inner becomes empty more and more. Thus we should have much interest to mythology telling our inner and an expressive symbol.


I. 서론
  1. 연구의 필요성
  2. 연구방법 및 제한점
 II. 샤머니즘과 분석심리학
  1. 샤머니즘의 세계의식과 인간관
  2. 샤머니즘적인 관점에서의 예술치료의 목적과 구성 요소
 III. 춤·동작의 샤머니즘 성격
  1. 예술치료와 샤머니즘
  2. 심층 심리학적 예술치료
 IV. 결론


  • 조정희 Jo, Jung Hee. 경남예술심리치료센터소장


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