그린음악과 자연음악이 뇌성마비 아동의 기능적 자립능력 및 정서지능과 그 어머니의 상태불안 및 우울에 미치는 영향


The Effects of Natural Music and Green Music on the Cerebral Palsy Children and Their Mothers.

남미정, 정광조

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This research was set to examine the positive effects that the green music and natural music would give to the cerebral palsied children in improving self-reliant functional activities and enhancing emotional intelligence and to their mothers in reducing stress.
The music therapy has been expected to improve the patients' functional activities and enhance emotional stability. The cerebral palsied children's mother has suffered from long and never-ending burden of care. So it is very important to come up with a suitable way to reduce their stress.
Several researches have shown that music therapy was remarkably conducive to stress management. I will support the claim in this article by using two kind of music: green music and natural music.
The main results of research are as follows: The natural music listening and the green music listening were all-together contributive to enhancing cerebral palsied children' activities and emotional stability. Of the two, the natural music listening was more helpful.
The natural music listening improved the nonverbal communication ability of the cerebral palsied children. their mothers stated that anxiety has been meaningfully reduced after listening natural music. On the contrary, listening green music was not helpful in reducing stress.


Ⅰ. 서론
  1. 연구의 필요성 및 연구목적
  2. 연구문제
 Ⅱ. 이론적 배경
  1. 뇌성마비아동의 특성
  2. 뇌성마비 아동 어머니의 스트레스
  3. 그린음악과 자연음악
  4. 관련선행연구검토
 Ⅲ. 연구방법
  1. 연구 설계
  2. 연구대상
  3. 연구도구
  4. 자료수집 및 연구절차
  5. 자료 분석 방법
  6. 뇌성마비 아동 어머니의 일반적 특성
 Ⅳ. 연구결과
  1. 그린음악 및 자연음악 감상이 뇌성마비 아동의 기능적 자립능력에 미치는 영향
  2. 그린음악 및 자연음악 감상이 뇌성마비 아동의 정서지능에미치는 영향
  3. 그린음악 및 자연음악 감상이 뇌성마비 아동 어머니의 우울에 미치는 영향.
  4. 그린음악 및 자연음악 감상이 뇌성마비 아동 어머니의 상태불안에 미치는 영향.
  5. 음악 감상 전 후 각 요인들 간의 상관관계
 Ⅴ. 논의 및 결론
  1. 그린음악 및 자연음악 감상이 뇌성마비 아동에게 미치는 영향
  2. 그린음악 및 자연음악 감상이 뇌성마비 아동 어머니에게 미치는 영향
  3. 음악 감상 후 실험군과 대조군 각 요인들 간의 상관관계


  • 남미정 Nam, Mi Jung. 대전보건대학 간호과 교수
  • 정광조 Cheong, Kwang Jo. 대전대학교보건스포츠대학원 예술치료학과 교수


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