원격사격체계의 운용추세 및 개발현황의 분석


An Analysis on Application Tendency and Development Status for the「RCWS」

김종도, 서상윤, 고정민

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「Remote Controlled Weapon Station(RCWS)」is a weapon system for crew protection and target engagement in combat environments. This system is suitable for any combat platform such as vehicles or ships,
and performs target detection and discrimination in day & night, tracking, firing duty by using target information acquired from day & night cameras and laser range finder by remote control from under armor protection area.
The aim of this paper is to introduce about present status of application and development tendency for the「RCWS」carrying machine gun which is recently increasing through out the world in use by comparison. Also this paper introduces about present development status of domestic「RCWS」which can be loaded in various platforms such as combat vehicles and which can carry various weapons such as machine guns and grenade launcher.


 1. 서론
 2. 해외의 운용추세
  2.1「RCWS」의 현황
  2.2「RCWS」의 비교
  2.3「RCWS」의 제품
 3. 국내의 개발현황
  3.1 국내개발의 개요
  3.2 시험평가의 내용
 4. 결론


  • 김종도 Kim, Jong Do. S&T중공업㈜ R&D본부 수석연구원
  • 서상윤 Seo, Sang Yun. S&T중공업㈜ R&D본부 선임연구원
  • 고정민 Ko, Jeong Min. S&T중공업㈜ R&D본부 주임연구원


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