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Designing Model on the New Concept Development for Defense Product Family based on Global market

권철신, 김동관, 고분이

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Korean defense industry's importance is increasing in Korean economy. It is in need for export promotion in defence industry that develop concepts of product family based on needs of importable countries. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to design a model for new concepts development for Defence Product Family based on Global Defence Market.
For this purpose, we performed the following studies:
(1) We settled the global market segment strategy by connecting T/M Matrix and Life Cycle Theory from seeds/needs information and grouped product technologies for realizing a product family and product markets for launching a Defence product family.
(2) We designed the process to structure a technology and market field for finding technology perception area and market perception area by combining seeds/needs information.
(3) We proposed a model that designs a defence product platform as a key of product family and derivative product concepts by testing marketability.
The outcomes of this study can be summarized as follows:
First, we proposed the process to seize technology/market opportunities and structure concepts of product family that can succeed in the global defence market.
Second, we emphasized the importance of a relationship between a market and customers by the process structuring a product family for various market fields and proposed various information being requested at each step of that process in detail.



  • 권철신 Kwon, Cheol Shin. 성균관대학교 시스템경영공학과 R&D공학전공 주임교수
  • 김동관 Kim, Dong Kwan. 삼성전자 DMC사업부 대리
  • 고분이 Ko, Bun I. 성균관대학교 시스템경영공학과 R&D공학전공 박사과정


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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