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국방R&D분야에서 성실실패제도의 적용에 관한 검토


Suggestions on the Application of Honorable Failure Policy in Defense R&D

배윤호, 최석철

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Recently, increasing participants such as commercial, universities and laboratories are highly motivated to achieve effective transition to defense technology for weapon systems acquisition. Generally it is difficult to develop technologies of 'high-risk and high-return'. Therefore, some ministries have adopted the honorable failure policy to motivate R&D programs. In defense research and development environments, the potential risks and uncertainties of defense science and technology projects are above common level due to the system`s complexities, system integrations. In this paper, the application scheme of 'honorable failure system' is provided as solution to support defense research and development programs via general review and analysis of the present research and development environment. The need and scheme to develop the lessons learned development process is also provided to reduce and to manage the risks during the defense research and development life cycle. And the expansion of lessons learned through information system such as defense technology information system(DTiMS) is suggested to make effective use of the lessons learned from failures.


 1 . 서론
 2. 국방 R&D의 진흥
  2.1 국방 R&D 의 개요
  2.2 국방과학기술진흥의 기본방향
 3. 기술혁신과 성실실패제도
  3.1 개방형 기술혁신의 등장
  3.2 성실실패제도의 등장
  3.3 성실실패제도의 현황
 3.4 연구실패정보의 활용
 4. 제도적용을 위한 제언
  4.1 R&D 문화의 확산
  4.2 국방 R&D의 제도보완
  4.3 고위험 R&D과제의 선별적용
  4.4 적용대상의 선정·평가
  4.5 교훈분석의 절차
  4.6 실패분석정보의 공유체계
 5. 결론


  • 배윤호 Bae, Yoon-Ho. 국방대학교 국방관리대학원 무기체계전공 박사과정
  • 최석철 Choi, Seok-Cheol. 국방대학교 국방관리대학원 무기체계전공 교수


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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