국제방산시장에서 수출무기의 최적컨셉 개발모형의 설계


Design of an Optimal Concept Development Model for Weaponry Export in International Defense Market

권철신, 이혜정, 전정철, 박오희

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The export of Korean defense industry is growing rapidly. It is important to develop weaponry export strategy based on the current competition status.
This study is focused on designing a concept development model for future weaponry export. The export strategy should consider the needs of the prospective buyer countries. For this purpose, the research process took the following stages.
Firstly, we analyzed the weaponry information and then selected candidate weapons for export. Secondly, categorized the target countries into groups through cluster analysis. Thirdly, defined the perception map through factor analysis. We then identified the current location of the arms on the map by perception analysis and defined the opportunity space on the perception map.
Lastly, we configured the concept for new weapons to export by conjoint analysis. Application of the proposed concept model design system to defense industry will bring a competitive edge in weaponry export and promote the national interest.


 1. 서론
 2. 관련연구의 검토
 3. 개념모형의 설계
  3.1 문제의 제기
  3.2 개념모형의 틀
 4. 구조모형의 설계
  4.1 무기정보 분석모형
  4.2 구매국가 선정모형
  4.3 시장기회 확인모형
  4.4 무기컨셉 설정모형
 5. 결론


  • 권철신 Kwon, Cheol Shin. 성균관대학교 시스템경영공학과 R&D공학전공 주임교수
  • 이혜정 Lee, Hye Jun. 성균관대학교 대학원 산업공학과 R&D공학전공 석사
  • 전정철 Jun, Jung Chul. 성균관대학교 대학원 산업공학과 R&D공학전공 석사과정
  • 박오희 Park, Oh Hee. 성균관대학교 대학원 산업공학과 R&D공학전공 석사과정


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