연구성과 평가이론에 대한 종합적 고찰


A Synthetic Review on the Research Performance Evaluation Theory

권철신, 강일중, 이혜정, 전정철

피인용수 : 0(자료제공 : 네이버학술정보)



The purpose of this study is to identify primary problems in research performance evaluation through in-depth analysis of previous researches, and to suggest future studies which help resolve these problems. To achieve the intended purpose, this study was progressed with the following 3 stages.
First, representative literatures were surveyed and analyzed with regard to research performance evaluation, and we examined whether these theoretical models were suitable for corporate laboratories.
Second, we investigated what kind of research performance evaluation systems were used in major Korea companies, and analyzed the incumbent problems.
Third, we identified some core problems through the analysis of theoretical models of renowned studies and practical systems of the major Korea companies. In concluding remarks, suggestions for future studies were addressed which might help resolve these core problems.


 1. 서론
 2. 문헌분석의 검토
  2.1 Vincent의 연구
  2.2 Evan의 연구
  2.3 Chan의 연구
  2.4 Thamhain의 연구
  2.5 Brown & Svenson의 연구
  2.6 Brown & Gobeli의 연구
  2.7 Schainblatt의 연구
  2.8 Patterson의 연구
  2.9 Chester의 연구
  2.10 Gupta & Singhal의 연구
  2.11 Badawy의 연구
 3. 현장분석의 검토
 4. 종합검토의 방향
  4.1 주요문제의 도출
  4.2 핵심문제의 제기
  4.3 연구방안의 제시
 5. 결론


  • 권철신 Kwon, CheolShin. 성균관대학교 시스템경영공학과 교수
  • 강일중 Kang, Il jung. 성균관대학교 과학기술연구소 선임연구원
  • 이혜정 Lee, Hye Jung. 성균관대학교 대학원 시스템경영공학과 개발공학전공
  • 전정철 Jun, Jung Chul. 성균관대학교 대학원 시스템경영공학과 개발공학전공


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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