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A Study on Female Dental Technician's Job Consciousness

이희경, 김정숙, 정효경

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Purpose: This study was conducted to corroborate factors affecting dental technicians recognition states of their job consciousness.
Methods: Self-administering questionnaires were distributed directly to some 200 registered female dental technicians in metropolis, small & medium-sized cities, farming and fishing villages of whom 153(76.5%) female dental technicians and female students responded in December, 2009. Information on recognition states of female dental technicians and female students in department of dental technology possible occupational mind and other general characteristics was gathered. Analysis of data was processed by use of X2-test and multiple regression analysis.
Results: The recognition states of occupational satisfaction were higher in female students than female dental
technicians(p<.05). They were observed that between respondents with more than five years of work and less than five years of career(p<.05). Statistically significant differences were observed in recognition values of female dental technicians occupational satisfaction between high and low groups of internal characteristic of their position and all ceramic part(p<.05).
Conclusion: For woman dental technicians, the most predictive variables for recognition values of occupational satisfaction were an age, between groups, which of part and career(p<.05). Finally, this result suggests the facts that in order to achieve self-realization through the work experience, women herself should get rid of the dichotomous diagram and should change the consciousness of traditional role normals.


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  • 이희경 Hee-Kyung Lee. 대구보건대학 치기공과
  • 김정숙 Jeong-Sook Kim. 대구보건대학 치기공과
  • 정효경 Hyo-Kyung Jung. 대구보건대학 치기공과


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