國産 新聞 用紙에서 酸化澱粉에 의한 表面 사이징 處理가 印刷適性에 미치는 影響


The Surface Sizing Effect of Oxidized Starch on the Printability of Newspaper

국산 신문 용지에서 산화전분에 의한 표면 사이징 처리가 인쇄적성에 미치는 영향

하영백, 윤종태, 구철회

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This research was carried out to investigated the effect of base paper and latex binder on printability and obtical properties of coated paper. Especially, it examined the effect of th pH of vase paper surface and functional groups of latices on the interactions between coating color components and on the structure of coated layer. It was found that the behavior of coating color containing amphoeric latex depends on the pH in the boundary region between coating color and base paper. Thus, the coating color formulated with amphoteric latex formed bulky coating layer by inducing stronger interaction between paper surface and coating components than the coating color with anionic latex. The coated paper with amphoteric latex showed better optical properties (i.e.gloss and optical) and printability (i.e. ink receptivity, wet ink receptivity, and ink set off) than the conventional anionic latex in the acidic and alkaline paper. However, dry pick strength of the coated paper was less decreased. This result indicated that amphoteric latex could also be applied practically to the alkaline paper.


 1. 서론
 2. 실험
  2-1. 산화 전분
  2-2. 신문 용지의 시료 제작
  2-3. 표면 사이징(Surface sizing)
  2-4. 인쇄 실험
  2-5. 각 sample의 물성 측정
 3. 결과 및 고찰
  3-1. 산화 전분과 신문 용지의 물성과의 관계
  3-2. 산화 전분 함량에 따른 인쇄물 농도의 변화
  3-3. 산화 전분의 함량에 따른 Set-off 변화
  3-4. 산화 전분의 함량에 따른 뒤비침의 변화
 4. 결론


  • 하영백 Young-Baeck Ha. 부경대학교 공과대학 인쇄공학과
  • 윤종태 Jong Tae Youn. 부경대학교 인쇄공학과
  • 구철회 Koo Chul-Whoi. 부경대학교 인쇄공학과


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