網點面積比率에 대한 色印刷物의 測色學的 解釋과 Munsell 表色系와 關係


Colorimetric Analysis and Matching the Notation of the Munsell System for Reproduced Colors with Variable Dot Area Rates

망점면적비율에 대한 색인쇄물의 측색학적 해석과 Munsell 표색계와 관계

李相南, 盧相喆, 金成根

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Reproduced colors which are half-tone printed at the rate of 10,20,30, ...100% half-tone dot area by each process ink- cyan, magenta, yellow and at the rates of 0,30,60, 100% half-tone dot areas by the mean color mixing of black, cyan, magenta and yellow, are colorimetric analyzed by make use of the 1931 CIE XYZ system of color specification and matching the Munsell color system. Espacially, magenta and secondary colors which are contained magenta, do not have good uniformity and proportionalization in the dominant wavelength and the excitation purity. Half-tone colors without reflection of blue light, are reproduced ideal color with the excitation purity 100% in wavelengths from 555nm to 600nm.


 1. 서론
 2. 측정 이론 및 방법
  1) 측정재료
  2) 3자극치 측정 및 색도좌표 계산
 3. 주파장 및 자극순도
 4. 먼셀 색상, 명도, 채도 측정
 5. 결과 및 고찰
 6. 결론


  • 李相南 이상남. 국립부산공업전문대학 인쇄공학과
  • 盧相喆 노상철. 국립부산공업전문대학 인쇄공학과
  • 金成根 김성근. 국립부산공업전문대학 인쇄공학과


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