‘남이흥장군문화제’의 성립과 전개 양상: 궁도를 중심으로


The establishment and development of 'Cultural Festival of General Nam I-Heung' : focusing on archery


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There has been an increase in the festivals for historical figures in Korea today. This study was aimed to investigate the 'Cultural Festival of General Nam I-Heung' in terms of its establishment and development focusing on archery. In order to solve the questions, the study conducted a survey for literary documents and Field work and its results were as below. First, it seemed that 'General Yisunshin Festival' held by the state gave a direct opportunity to the opening of the said festival. Second, in its initial stage, there were some conflicts with local residents, but the dedicated efforts of the Family Nam and the support of administrative authorities in the region enabled them to have a larger scale. Third, as years go by, new items were added in the festival and were mainly related to martial arts. Fourth, unlike other martial arts, archery served as
a cultural focus resisting strong acculturation experienced in socio-cultural aspects, and its symbolic capital has become a driving force that has endorsed spiritual culture. As shown above, the festivals have changed a lot in the methods of operation while maintaining their original quality with regards to value.


 조사지의 개요
 남이흥장군문화제의 성립
 남이흥장군문화제의 전개 양상
  1)호서지구대회와 남씨문중
  2)충청남도 도지사배 궁도대회와 남씨 문중
  3) 궁도이외의 민족스포츠와 남씨 문중


  • 이승수 Lee, Seung Soo. 중앙대학교


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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