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A case study on counselling to improve confidence of a youth tennis player


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The purpose of the study was to get confidence of a youth tennis player under competitive situation as a result of applying Barns(1993)' Confidence Improving Program to counselling. The participant of the study was 6th grade girl who played excellent in practice. However, the player was in trouble once she is aware of competition because of her high anxiety. The counsellor met her 8 times every 2-week. In the very first session, Sport Confidence Test(Kim won bae, 1999) was administered and the general and categorical factors indicated her confidence level was low. Many other remarks regarding her athletic life were indicators of her low confidence under competition. Thus, the ultimate goal of the counselling was to get her confidence in competitive situation. The ultimate goal was divided into 8 short term goals in which each goal could be achieved in each session. One day before 7th session, the participant had tennis match with rival player to measure her confidence level which was measured with same tool as in pre-test. After the competition, she also talked about her feeling about her confidence in her competition. Her interview and confidence scores confirmed that she improved her confidence which has many implications in youth sport.


I. 서론
 II. 연구방법
  1. 연구대상
  2. 연구대상 학생의 행동특성
  3. 상담절차
  4. 상담프로그램 실행자
  5. 자료기록
  6. 자료분석
 III. 연구결과
  1. 연구 대상자의 목표설정
  2. 연구 대상자의 사다리형 목표
  3. 중계과정과 내용
  4. 평가
 IV. 논의


  • 유생열 Yoo, Saeng-Leol. 경인교육대학교


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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