전후담론과 주체구성 양상 - 손창섭의 「미해결의 장」과 「공휴일」을 중심으로


The Mode of Subject Construction in Post-war discourse Focused on 「Unsettled Chapter」,「Holiday」 in Son Chang-Sup’s Novel


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This dissertation is to study recognition on the postwar reality of Son Chang-Sup. Son Chang-Sup􀅯s novel is the recognitive confrontation on urgency of the postwar reality. The dominant discourse of the imminent postwar reality is􀅮 Making a nation of modern meaning􀅯which includes 􀅮Anticommunism ideology􀅯and 􀅮Pro-American ideology􀅯in the core. The main character of Son Chang-Sup􀅯s novel becomes the subject practicing reflective thinking to get out of the world of an identification discourse like this. Let􀅯s take 􀅮Ji-sang􀅯of ?Unsettled Chapter? and􀅮 Do-yle􀅯of ?Holiday? as a concrete example. 􀅮Ji-sang􀅯of ?Unsettled Chapter? finds a lack of fantasy(Studying in America) which his father, Jinsunghoe members, and family won over 􀅮Anticommunism ideology􀅯, 􀅮Modernization of Economism􀅯, 􀅮Americanism􀅯have, making 􀅮traverse the fantasy􀅯possible, presenting a possibility of a genuine subject-a ethic subject. 􀅮Do-yle􀅯of ?Holiday? is the person who resist the identification strategy through the family system, that is, aims at the free style of life and frees himself from life surrounded by family and marriage. Son Chang-Sup has a negative understanding of the social subject called a nation. In addition, Son Chang-Sup practiced the writing as a strategy which confronts the ruling order and embodied a genuine self-identity of the subject in the same time.


I. 서언
 II. 전후 현실과 담론 양상
 III. 결여된 아버지와 주체 -「미해결의 장」
 IV. '가족'에의 포섭과 주체 -「공휴일」
 V. 결어


  • 김영범 Kim, Yeong-bum. 대전 과학고등학교


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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