차세대 USN기반의 스마트 플랜트안전 프레임워크 개발


SPSF : Smart Plant Safety Framework based on Reliable-Secure USN

정지은, 송병훈, 전자부품연구원

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Recently process industries from oil and gas procedures and mining companies to manufactures of chemicals, foods, and beverages has been exploring the USN (Ubiquitous Sensor Networks) technology to improve safety of production processes. However, to apply the USN technology in the large-scale plant industry, reliability and security issues are not fully addressed yet, and the absence of the industrial sensor networking standard causes a compatibility problem with legacy equipment and systems. Although this situation, process industry such as energy plants are looking for the secure wireless plant solution to provide detailed, accurate safety monitoring from previously hard-reach, unaccordable area. In this paper, SPSF (Smart Plant Safety Framework based on Reliable-Secure USN) is suggested to fulfill the requirements of high-risk industrial environments for highly secure, reliable data collection and plant monitoring that is resistant to interference. The SPSF consists of three main layers: 1) Smart Safety Sensing Layer, 2) Smart Safety Network Layers, 3) Plant Network System Layer.


 I. 서론
 II. 관련 연구
 III. SPSF 아키텍쳐
 IV. SPSF 구성 기술
  1. Smart Safety Sensing Layer
  2. Smart Safety Network Layer
  3. Plant Network System Layer
 V. 결론


  • 정지은 Ji-Eun Jung. 전자부품연구원
  • 송병훈 Byung-Hun Song. 전자부품연구원
  • 전자부품연구원 Hyung-Su Lee. 전자부품연구원


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