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A Study on Vehicular Positioning Technologies for Smart/Green Cars

노갑성, 오준석, 리앙동

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Energy efficiency and safe mobility are the two key constituents of the future automobile. The technologies that enable these features are now heavily dependent upon information and communication technology rather than traditional auto-mechanical technology. This paper presents an exploratory project ’Smart&Green Vehicle Project' at Western Michigan University which is to improve the geographical location accuracy of vehicles and to study various applications of making such location data available. Global Positioning System (GPS), Inertial Navigation System (INS), Vehicular Ad-hoc Network (V ANET) technology, and data fusion among these technologies are investigated. Testing and evaluation is done on systems which will gather vehicular positioning data during GPS signal loss. Vehicles in urban settings do not acquire accurate positioning data from GPS alone; therefore there is a need for exploration into technology that can assist GPS in urban settings. The goal of this project is to improve the accuracy of positioning data during a loss of GPS signal. Controlled experiments are performed to gather data which aided in assessing the feasibility of these technologies for use in vehicular platforms.


 I. Introduction
 II. Controlled Experiment & Simulation
  1. Development File
  2. Coordinate File
  3. Control Points
  4. Simulation
  5. Recommended Vehicle Lane Tolerance
  6. Recommended Data Acquisition Rate
 III. Inertial Navigation System
  1. Strap-down INS Principle
  2. Test & Evaluation
 IV. Radio-wave Distance Ranging
  1. Trilateration using VANET
  2. Test & Evaluation
 VI. Conclusion
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  • 노갑성 Kap-Seong Ro. Department of Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering, Western Michigan University
  • 오준석 Jun-Seok Oh. Department of Civil & Construction Engineering, Western Michigan University
  • 리앙동 Liang Dong. Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Western Michigan University


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