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북한의 구전설화에 대한 인식 고찰


The study on the North Korean Folktale


국문학회 국문학연구 제22호 2010.11 pp.189-216
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The folktale in North Korea is a creature of people in terms of class, and oral traditions in terms of its existence. And the meaning is from real story which people's life culture was reflected, people's desire was inspired into the fiction, which was formulated. In aspect of concept, there's lots of difference between north and south because we're focusing on verbal and north is on people. First of all, text books regarding oral literature and paper written as cultural level for the people who create and enjoy tale, and present scientific logic for the creature and classification of tale pattern. The pattern of tale is being explained by not a category of academy, but a cultural level. On this basis, people's creativity can be possible even currently, therefore modern oral literature is set up and the oral literature history is being described. This phenomenon was from the pattern that oral literature is arranged in the principal of history, but they have a merit which can secure a plenty of new materials and expand oral literature, it's far better than we do. This can show us big issue because south treats oral literature as classic literature. Tale pattern was appeared in terms of the text in discussion of north. There are classified as myth, legend, people story, fairy tale, fable and gag. The culture of oral literature seems to be survived in North Korea. People's song has been created during mass labor scene for the increase of productivity. This seems to be similar to our 1960's through 70's, it's necessary for us to have interest in this old custom. There should be literal communication between North and South even unification seems hard near future. Communication for the comparison of each study is being eagerly expected.


1. 머리말
 2. 북한의 구전문학연구 및 설화자료 현황
  2.1. 북한의 구전문학연구 성과
  2.2. 북한의 설화자료 현황
 3. 북한의 설화양식에 대한 인식
  3.1. 양식 분화에 대한 과학적 논증
  3.2. 인민창작을 통한 현대 구전설화의 형성
 4. 맺음말


  • 김종군 Kim, Jong-Kun. 건국대학교


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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