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손진태의 <朝鮮古歌謠集>을 통한 사설시조 난해어구의 해석


Interpretation of unintelligible phrases of Saseol-sijo through Joseongogayojip(朝鮮古歌謠集), edited and translated by Son Jin-Tae

손진태의 <조선고가요집>을 통한 사설시조 난해어구의 해석


국문학회 국문학연구 제22호 2010.11 pp.161-188
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The goal of this paper is to infer the meaning of unintelligible phrases through japanese translation of Saseol-sijo by Son Jin-Tae. In chapter 2, we assume the critical length of his interpretation of Saseol-sijo through the style he entitled each work. In chapter 3, we find that most of his translations can help our understanding of unintelligible phrases of Saseol-sijo although there were a few mistranslations and excessive broad translations. Retranslating his translations into Korean, we could find the significance of his works. First, situation of the translated text became more concrete than that of the original text. Second, there were some ambiguous or unintelligible phrases which were inferable by Son's translation. And third, his translation provides the key to various interpretations of Saseol-sijo. The result of this paper is limited since we have examined only one section of Joseongogayojip 朝鮮古歌謠集 that focuses on Saseol-sijo. Therefore more elaborate research is required about the whole text.


1. 연구목적
 2. 『朝鮮古歌謠集』에 譯載된 사설시조의 개관
 3. 손진태의 번역으로 본 난해어구의 의미
  (1) 오역과 의역의 문제
  (2) 어휘 및 작중 상황의 명료화
  (3) 난해어구에 대한 해석
 4. 결론


  • 고정희 Ko, Jeong-Hee. 서울대학교


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