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가사 <관동별곡>의 종착지 ‘월송정 부근’과 결말부의 의의


Destination Place in Gwandong-byeolgok and the Significance of Its Denouement


국문학회 국문학연구 제22호 2010.11 pp.129-160
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In Gwandong-byeolgok, a literary work of gasa written by Jeong Cheol, the theme is realization of the writer's self-consciousness as a hermit and the central axis of composition is pursuing and meeting four hermits of the Silla period for confirmation of his identity. In the denouement of the work, the writer confirms his identity as an exiled hermit from heaven by meeting four hermits in his dream, and recovers his original identity to certain extent. The destination place of the writer's journey in the work would be the vicinity of Pavilion Weolsongjeong, not Pavilion Mangyangjeong, in various respects; it is the best background place for completing the writer's realization of the self-consciousness. In the denouement of the work, the writer resolves crisis in the process of seeking-meeting hermits, concludes the event, and further goes on suggesting new station as a hermit at the terminal part. Through these, the writer completes the work and achieves closural effect. With excellent and effective expressions in the final aspect of the theme, the work leaves very strong impressions on readers.


1. 서론
 2. 가사 <관동별곡>의 주제와 구성
  1) <관동별곡>의 창작배경과 정철의 신선의식
  2. <관동별곡>의 주제와 구성
 3. 작중 종착지 변증
 4. 종착지 ‘월송정 부근’과 결말부의 의의
  1) 종착지 ‘월송정 부근’의 의의
  2) 결말부의 의의
 5. 결론


  • 성호경 Seong, Ho-gyong. 서강대학교


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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