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申欽의 淸言 선록집 <野言> 연구


A study on YaUn(野言) as a collection book of CheongUn(淸言) edited by ShinHeum(申欽)

신흠의 청언 선록집 <야언> 연구


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ShinHeum(申欽, 1566∼1628) was well acquainted with the literature and scholarship of Ming(明) dynasty. It is true that he read many books which were published in Ming(明) dynasty, but he didn't disclose titles of that books. Therefore there are no evidence of the fact that ShinHeum contacted books published in Ming dynasty. YaUn(<野言>) edited by ShinHeum was a collection book of CheongUn(淸言) of later Ming dynasty, as well as other occasions, title of that book which he refer also has unknown. But by researching in this study, the book that ShinHeum refer is SoChangCheongGi(<小窗淸紀>) which was edited and published by OhJongSun(吳從先) who was a literary man in later Ming dynasty. It is similar to HanJeongRok(<閒情錄>) written by HeoGyun(許筠, 1669~1618). There are some differences YaUn, as compared with HanJeongRok. First, ShinHeum had a selecting standard of HoiSim(會心). Second, ShinHeum only selected short compositions of CheongUn, while HeoGyun rather selected long compositions that had crazes for various specialties. Third, ShinHeum rewrote most of compositions for the purpose of lyrical elegant prose. Particularly, ShinHeum represented the daily fact of SanLimGyungJe(山林經濟) that is a life in the nature.


1. 서론
 2. 申欽의 明代 서적 구득
 3. 『小窗淸綺』열람과 선록집 『野言』제작
 4. 『野言』의 선록과 개작 양상
  4.1. 會心의 선록과 개작
  4.2. 글자의 생략ㆍ첨가ㆍ변환 : 서정적 美文 추구
  4.3. 기사의 축약ㆍ첨가ㆍ융합 : 山林經濟의 생활상 표현
 5. 『野言』의 선록과 개작 의의
 6. 남는 문제


  • 김은정 Kim, EunJeong. 서울대학교


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