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A Study on Hong, Seok-ju(洪奭周)’s Poetics


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This study inquires into the Yeon-cheon(淵泉) Hong Seok-ju(洪奭周)'s criticism of poetry in the aspect of the poetic nature, versification, and function. About the poetic nature, it is based on the innate nature and emotion(性情) - poet's poetic consciousness, and then originate from the cheon-ki(天機) as the realization of the truth of space, reason of nature, and world's duty. About the versification, poetic meaning(意) must be expressed truly and frankly(眞摯), poetic words(辭) must be transferred logically and correctly(條達), and poetic spirit(氣) must be flowed and moved freely that not be blocked(流動). About the poetic function, poetic use(用) is impressing people(感人); poetic merit(功) is inspiring reader's heart, making them endeavor, encouraging the good and punishing the evil, and satiring the world(興勸懲創); poetic effect(效) is changing customs toward good way(移風易俗). In the future, there remain comparing and examining criticism of poetry of Hong Seok-ju and China. Also, it is thought that how Hong Seok-ju's criticism of poetry is applied to actual criticism must be considered.


1. 머리말
 2. 시의 본질
 3. 시의 작법
 4. 시의 기능
 5. 맺음말


  • 정대림 Chung, Dae-lim. 세종대학교


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