경주시 소재 식품회사 식품포장재속의 환경호르몬 검출에 대한 기체크로마토그래피 분석 및 식품포장재의 재활용에 관한 연구


Gas Chromatography Analysis on Detection of Environmental Hormones and Researches of Recycling in food packing material using from food company located in Gyeongju


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The purpose of this research was to get the data for environmental hormones nano-analysis on volatile organic compounds and residual solvents in food packing material using from food company located in Gyeongju by using of Gas Chromatography. And also we examine the characteristics, tendency, kinds of type of food packing materials recently, In this research we have analyzed the contents of volatile organic compounds and residual solvents (methanol, acetone, isoprophyl alcohol, toluene, methylethyl-ketone, ethyl acetate) of food packing materials as specific environmental hormones for health in order to recognize be suited to as food packing materials, had assigned two food packing materials placed in Gyeongju. we have got the data were examined that minerals components, micro inorganic materials by Gas Chromatography. The results of this study are as following ; It has been shown that all of them generally were suited to as standard of food packing materials located in Gyeongju. Also some VOCs and residual solvents, that is, nano unit amounts of toluene and five residual solvents were detected by Gas Chromatography, but the rest of them were not detected. On the other hand volatile organic compounds materials were detected two solvents.
Finally this study must mentioned as following; food packing materials places in Gyeongju has been relatively not much are compared with other cities, really many people have positive opinion on available of this places because of very closed distance from people's living place and amounts of VOCs quantity are very much to get it. Therefore Gyeongju have concern about food packing materials for the health of citizens on alternatives of food packing materials, it is very clean and safe are good business for life convenience of regional citizens.


 Ⅰ. 서론
 II. 수축필름의 특성
 III. GC에 의한 식품포장재 실제 분석
  1. 시료채취기준
  2. 식품포장재 중 톨루엔 및 잔류용제 분석방법
 IV. 분석 실험결과
 V. 결론 및 제언


  • 이경호 Lee, Kyung-Ho. 경주대학교 환경에너지학과 교수


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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