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Study on Curriculum of Denture clinician

박명호, 배봉진, 이화식, 이희경

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As Korea is entering an aging society, the number of elderly people who need new denture or who have problems with their existing denture or adjacent tissue is increasing and it will double in 2018. Therefore, denture clinician system will lessen patient s financial burden and introduce market economy to the dental prosthesis field. Therefore,
Korea needs to adopt denture clinician system as soon as possible as USA or Canada to increase people s accessibility in quality and quantity. Denture clinician will determine the size and shape of denture after performing oral examination, make impression using various materials, fabricate denture, deliver and adjust completed denture to the patient, repair denture, and carry out financial management in the denture fabricating company or manage human resources. Considering denture clinicians services, American and European education system seems to be close to our system. Therefore, in this study, basic curriculums of several countries in Europe and America were reviewed and curriculum that meets Korean situation was suggested.


 I. 서론
 II. 연구대상 및 방법
 III. 연구결과
 IV.  고찰
 V. 결론 및 제언


  • 박명호 Myung-Ho Park. 대구보건대학 치기공과
  • 배봉진 Bong-Jin Bae. 대구보건대학 치기공과
  • 이화식 Hwa-Sik Lee. 대구보건대학 치기공과
  • 이희경 Hee-Kyung Lee. 대구보건대학 치기공과


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