서울지역 치과기공사의 동기부여 및 직무만족도 연구


The study on dental technicians’ motivation and job satisfaction in Seoul

심정석, 이선경

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This study was the study verifying dental technicians' motivation and job satisfaction in Seoul through the positive method as well as its purposes were to investigated the effect of dental technician s manpower supply/demand prospect on motivation, job satisfaction and the effect of other job satisfaction factors on dental technicians motivation and job satisfaction. For then, general characteristics of study objects were classified by sex,
married/unmarried, age, career, salary, highest level of education, working place, position and job as well as job
satisfaction factors were classified with future supply/demand prospect, future prospect, working hours, working
environment and salary.
We conducted a frequency analysis, crossing analysis and multi-linear regression analysis about the effect of the classified articles on motivation and job satisfaction. Also, for verifying the relationship of motivation and job satisfaction, we conducted correlation analysis and its result is as followed.
First, it showed that the job related with making orthodontic appliance influenced on motivation, among the age, career and job of the general characteristics, and other jobs between working place and job influenced on job satisfaction.
Second, the dark future prospect was showed to influence on motivation and job satisfaction highly so we could grasp that negative opinions are included in that. And low-paying was showed to highly influence on job satisfaction s fall so we could grasp the subjective low-salary standard at the present. But we expected that the manpower supply/demand prospect would influence on motivation and job satisfaction but there was little influence.
Third, the correlation between motivation and job satisfaction was showed to be somewhat high, motivation had the standard which is above average and job satisfaction had the standard which is below the average. So with a little improving of job satisfaction, it s possible that motivation can be very high.
Therefore, in rapidly changing generation, we think that the dental technicians are actively coping with the reality of low-paying and high-working. But it’s implying that anxiety for uncertain future was reflected.
Furthermore, because institutional strategies for dental technicians’ efficient management are insufficient in relation with policies so it’s necessary the policy consideration for solve the job-unsatisfying factors actively.


 I. 서론
 II. 연구대상 및 방법
  1. 연구대상
  2. 연구방법
  3. 설문내용의 구성
 III. 연구결과
  1. 연구대상자의 사회, 인구학적 특성
  2. 연구대상자의 일반적 특성에 따른 동기부여 및 직무만족도 비교
  3. 직무만족요인과 동기부여, 직무만족도와의 상관관계
  4. 동기부여와 직무만족에 영향을 미치는 요인
 IV. 고찰
 V. 결론


  • 심정석 Jeong-Seok Shim. 경희대학교 치과병원중앙기공실
  • 이선경 Sun-Kyoung Lee. 경희대학교 치과대학 예방사회치과학교실 및 구강생물학연구소


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