휠체어 이용자의 효율적인 추진을 위한 근력운동 프로그램 개발


The Development of open-kinetic chain strength program for effective propulsion of manual wheelchair user

김춘종, 구교만, 김경숙

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The purpose of this study was to provide the field expert such as community and sports center with a substantial data for the application of open-kinetic chain exercise to wheelchair user and individuals attempting to improve their musculoskeletal conditioning. People with physical disability using a wheelchair complain of pain on their shoulders. Any repetitive movements could cause unbalanced muscles as there are 30 kinds of muscles interacting with one another on shoulder. Especially, the motions to move wheelchair give repetitive burden on shoulder joint as well as muscle and frame causing shoulder pain. Thus, an exercise program designed with consideration given to physical characteristics is required to prevent and treat shoulder pain. Therefore, the objective of the research is to help improving muscular strength, power, balance, and endurance required to move wheelchair. The study is also to systemize the use of wheelchair and develop appropriate strength program. For the study, systematic review and depth interview were used to minimize any bias or random error. The result of the study showed open-kinetic chain exercise that is designed with consideration given to physical characteristics of people with paraplegia(or spinal cord injury) using wheelchair. Wheelchair user's Eights Strength Programs follow: chest press, seated rowing, scaption, shoulder external rotation, shoulder abduction, elbow flexion/extension, upright rowing


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  • 김춘종 Kim, Chun-Jong. 한국체육대학교
  • 구교만 Ku, Kyu-Man. 백석대학교
  • 김경숙 Kim, Kyung-Sook. 한국체육대학교


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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