대학행정서비스 품질측정에 관한 연구 -SERVQUAL을 이용한 품질측정


A Study on the Measuring Service Quality of University Organizations by SERVQUAL


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Recently, administrators of Korean university are struggling to survive against rapidly changing environment. But, the customer service of university organizations are generally recognized inferior to those of business service. Thus, the measuring of service quality is the beginning of works to improve customer service in university. SERVQUAL is known the most generalized scale to measure service quality. After SERVQUAL was published as a measure of perceived service quality by PZB(1985), several arguments have been made against its validity and the other measures have been suggested by Tears(1993), Cronin and Taylor(1992). Therefore, this paper reviews about SERVQUAL controversies. Also, this paper analyzed the dimensions of service quality and its relevant concepts. For this empirical study, 288 respondents drawn from university student in Pusan area are collected and 5 hypotheses are analyzed by using regression analysis. The results of empirical study are as follows. (1) three dimensions of service quality(specialty, reliability, tangiables) are perceived from factor analysis. (2) dimensions of service quality are related to the overall service quality and customer satisfaction, especially specialty is varified as the most important dimension. (3) customer satisfaction affects repurchase intention and word-of-mouth effect positively. In conclusion, however this study have a few limitations about sampling and questionnaire, offers some strategic directions for improving the service quality of university organizations.


I. 서론
  1. 문제의 제기
  2. 연구의 목적
 II. 서비스 품질측정의 이론적 배경
  1. 서비스 품질측정에 대한 논의
  2. SERVQUAL 연구
  3. 서비스 품질과 관련개념 연구
 III. 가설설정 및 연구방법
  1. 연구모형 및 가설의 설정
  2. 자료수집 및 분석방법
 IV. 분석결과 및 해석
  1. 표본의 특성
  2. 서비스 품질차원 및 신뢰성분석
  3. 가설의 검정 및 해석
 V. 결론 및 시사점


  • 김용호 Kim, Yong-ho. 부산가톨릭대학교 경영학부


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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