대학이미지 포지셔닝전략에 관한 연구 -부산지역 사립대학의 이미지 평가값을 중심으로-


A Study on the Image Positioning Strategy of University -focusing the measured image value of private university in Busan-


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Local universities are faced with rapid environmental changes in 2000's. Therefore local universities are required to research for more specialized marketing strategy such as positioning strategy. The objectives of this study are to examine what are the most important university images and image position of 7 universities'. In order to this study, 276 questionnaires collected from university in Busan area are analyzed by t-test, anova. The results of this study are summarized as follows (1) the most important university images are ranked in the order 1) prospect of getting employment(4.78), 2) possibility of development (4.35), 3) confidence(4.31), 4) research ability(3.97). It is true that practical images get high grade, traditional image such as research ability remains yet as a very import image. (2) Except (A, F) & (B, E) university, common position is not found among the 7 universities, therefore each university cultivate important image as G university dose. (3) Private university are underestimated by student of national university. There is a necessity for cultivating and promoting private university images. (4) Students of private university, particularly students of F university, overestimated their university images seriously.


I. 문제제기
 II. 이론적 연구
  1. 대학이미지연구
  2. 포지셔닝 및 대학마케팅전략
 III. 연구문제 및 조사설계
  1. 연구문제
  2. 조사설계
 IV. 분석 및 해석
  1. 표본의 특성
  2. 대학의 전체이미지 측정
  3. 주요 이미지속성 규명을 위한 부분 이미지 측정
  4. 대학의 이미지 포지셔닝 분석
 V. 결론


  • 김용호 Kim, Yong-ho. 부산가톨릭대학교 경영학부


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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