성인기 우울증의 원인, 증상 및 치료에 관한 기독교 상담학적 고찰(考察)



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The purpose of this academic paper is to consider the reason, symptom and healing method of depression from various angles. The scope of this academic paper is from early adulthood to late adulthood, but not the depression of childhood and adolescence. Recently many Korean people suffer from the depression of various types.
In this reason the number of trying suicide is increasing every year. Almost 40 to 42 Korean people try to kill themselves every day. According to the statistical data is there a close relation between depression and suicide: about 80% people of an attempted suicide have suffered from the symptom of depression and about 10 to 15% people among the patients of depression tried to kill themselves.
Through this academic paper the writer wants to deal with many chapters as follows: first, the general reason and symptom of depression. secondly, the reason, symptom and healing of depression during from early adulthood to late adulthood. third, some alternatives to adulthood
depression are presented in terms of Christian counseling. For example 􀁲lema􀁳therapy, thank-you therapy and truth therapy.
The contribution of this paper is to deal with depression as a proper issue in the recent Korean society and introduce the concept of a new academic terminology: 􀁲lema􀁳therapy in the field of Christian counseling.


 I. 여는 글
 II. 펴는 글
  1. 우울증의 원인
  2. 우울증의 증상
  3. 성인기 우울증의 원인, 증상 및 치료법
  4. 성인기 우울증 치료에 대한 기독교 상담학적 대안(代案)
 III. 닫는 글


  • 김태수 Tae Soo Kim. 백석대학교


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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