A Critical Analysis and Vision of Korean Preaching


Lyu, Won-Yuol

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This paper argues that there is an urgent need for the Korean Protestant Church to discover genuine biblical preaching. Here the issue is the matter of "what is biblical preaching?" and "what is unbiblical preaching?" In order to emphasize the issue of the need of the biblical preaching in the Korean pulpit, above all, I will deal with and analyze the present situation and the problems of the contemporary Korean preaching in light of the historical and cultural perspectives. Secondly, I will consider one of the important discoveries of contemporary homiletics, particularly in North America, so that the critical conversation with the contemporary homiletics may challenge the Korean church and preaching to seriously rethink the faithful and responsible use of the Bible. Lastly, based on the argument of this paper that the Korean pulpit has been influenced by the messages such as "success ministry," "shamanistic influence," and "fundamentalism," I will propose a renewal of the preaching in the Korean pulpit. It is my proposal and vision that faithful and responsible biblical preaching will solve the problems of the present Korean preaching. And this preaching will not only provide the Korean people with the sense of being the people of God as well as the people of Korea, but also it ultimately will contribute to the making of a new Korean Christian community planting itself into the soil of Korean culture and history.


I. Introduction
 II. The Present State of Korean Preaching
 III. The Problems of the Current Korean Preaching
  1. Focus on “Success” Ministry
  2. Shamanistic Ministry
  3. Fundamentalism
 IV. Reshaping of Biblical Preaching
  1. The Place of the Bible in Korean Church
  2. The Contemporary use of the Bible in Preaching
  3. The Need of Contextual Biblical Preaching in Korean Church
 V. Conclusion: A Vision for the Korean Church shaped by faithful biblical Preaching


  • Lyu, Won-Yuol Full-time Lecturer of Pyeongtaek University


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