Analysis of the Relationship between Corporate IT Capability and Corporate Performance through Korea IT Success Cases: An Empirical Approach




An IT system within a company play increasingly important role as a significant part of corporate assets. The IT system possesses an extraordinary ability to improve an organization’s efficiency, effectiveness and productivity by providing competitive advantages and improving strategic business decision capabilities. Indeed, providing a more secure IT environment, improving employee productivity and enhancing business process and strategic decision capabilities are key areas to improve corporate performance. However, existing research on IT ROI of return on IT investments does not provide solid justification to stakeholders. In this paper, we analyze the IT investment during the past 28 years from 1982 to 2009 and present the results in two dimensions. First, we show the IT solution implementation analysis by years and industries based on 1,240 IT success cases from 8 different sources such as major Korea IT newspaper, IT magazines, and IT vendors. Then, the paper presents the relationship between IT capability through IT success cases and corporate business performance among 32 industries.


 Ⅰ. Introduction
 Ⅱ. Related Works
  2.1 IT Capability
  2.2 Views on the Relationship between IT Capability and Corporate Performance
 Ⅲ. Research Model and Methodology
 Ⅳ. Collection and Preliminary Analysis of IT Success Case
  4.1 IT Success Case
  4.2 Collection of IT Success Case
  4.3 IT Success Case Analysis by Year
  4.4 IT Success Case Analysis by Industry
 Ⅴ. Statistical Test
  5.1 Comparison Group Selection
  5.2 Corporate Performance Data
  5.3 Statistical Tests
 Ⅵ. Implications and Discussion
 Ⅶ. Potential Data Issues and Future Research
  7.1 Potential Data Issues
  7.2 Limitations and Future Research


  • Bong Moon Ha Graduate School of Business IT, Kookmin University
  • Seung Ryul Jeong Graduate School of Business IT, Kookmin University


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