니체와 한국문학(2) ― 이육사를 중심으로 ―


Nietzsche and Korean Literature(2)


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This paper discussed a modern Korean poet Yi Yuk-sa from the point of view that he had been influenced by a famous German philosopher Nietzsche. Yi Yuk-sa mentioned Nietzsche's poem “Autumn” in his essay “Looks of Season”. He was the first man of letters in our country who had thought Nietzsche as a poet. In Yi Yuk-sa's masterpiece “Great Land”, we have the unfamiliar poetic word ‘Overman’. I thought this word had come from Nietzsche's ‘Ubermensch’, and another word ‘White Horse’ in this poem was connected with the French general and emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. It was widely known that Napoleon had ridden white horse in many battlefields. Yi Yuk-sa's ‘Great Land’ also corresponds to Nietzsche's concept ‘The Earth’. Therefore Yi Yuk-sa's ‘Great Land’ is to ‘Overman’ what Nietzsche's ‘The Earth’ is to ‘Ubermensch’. In Europe, Nietzsche is called a ‘philosopher-artist’. Likewise, Yi Yuk-sa can be called a ‘thinker-poet’ in the history of modern Korean literature, for Yi Yuk-sa was a kind of poet who had often changed his historical and social thoughts into lyric poetry.


1. 이육사와 니체
 2. 시인 니체 수용자, 이육사
 3. 이육사의 시 광야 와 니체의 철학 사상
  1) 초인 - 위버멘쉬
  2) 백마 - 장군 나폴레옹
  3) 광야 - 대지
 4. 사상가 시인 이육사


  • 박노균 Park, Noh-Gyun. 충북대학교 사범대학 국어교육과 교수


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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