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An Experimental Investigation on Shear Performance of Shear Connectors using Mechanical Connection

양일승, 황성철

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Metallurgical connection methods, such as stud weld and puddle weld, are used for a long time to attach a steel deck and shear connectors Recently, the mechanical connection method are used as an alternative to the metallurgical connection method. This method uses the explosive power of gunpowder to instantaneously drive a pin to combine a steel connector and a steel beam. This mechanical connection method has many advantages over metallurgical connection methods. First of all, a power supply is unnecessary and there are no concerns about an electrical accident. However, the handling of the mechanical connection method takes severs caution. Since the sound at the time of installation is loud, discretion is needed in a quiet place. We will consider a shear connectors using mechanical connection method instantaneously installed in a steel beam using the explosive power of gunpower. The shear tests on shear connectors, which is X-HVB80 shear connector(Hilti corporation), WT(Wide Type) shear connector, PBT(Perforbond Type) shear connector, and IT(Inclined Type) shear connector, are carried to evaluate structural behavior of shear connectors. However, the pushout test of Inclined Type shear connector are omitted because shear test results is not good. As a results of experimental tests, the initial
stiffness and the maximum strength of suggested shear connectors are respectively 1.15~1.148 times and 1.20~1.36 times higher than those of original type(X-HVB80).


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  • 양일승 Yang, Il-seung. 동신대학교 문화건축학부 시간강사, 공학박사
  • 황성철 Hwang, Sung-Chul. 광성(주) 기술연구소 소장, 공학박사


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