매력있는 경주 도시 관광 전략의 재고


Gyeongju Attractive Strategy in Improving Tourism


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Presented in this paper, the authors of the Promotion of Gyeongju City Tour follows. First, relative to other regions of the adjacent high-Gyeongju accommodation with travel wholesalers to take advantage of the package product. Second, stay in the establishment of mutual cooperation in tourism administration makes. Third, the other residents who can benefit from a variety of Gyeongju honorary citizenship in the system will be introduced. Fourth, 1 hour in Ulsan, Daegu, Po hang and nightlife packages to take advantage weave. Fifth, an important key in the 21st century the experience of indigenous tourism system to develop tourism system makes the connection. Sixth, the fashion and textile city Daegu fashion show in conjunction with other events in Gyeongju is attracting a strategic research plan. Finally, Gyeongju future product development in cooperation with neighboring attractions axis Gyeongju, An dong, Go-ryung, Sin ra connecting cultures, Confucian culture, Gaya culture, mutual cooperation and further establish the format of the marine tourism resources in the East Coast An axis of the tie will be combined to build a tourism belt.


 I. 서론
 Ⅱ. 도시 관광의 매력진단 방향
  1. 관광도시의 기대
  2. 도시 관광의 매력과 특성
 Ⅲ. 도시 관광 진흥 전략의 기본수법
  1. 관광자원의 재조명- 기존 축적된 자원을 철저히 탐구하여 관광대상화 한다 -
  2. 기초적 조건으로서 필요한 기능 - Gate City(관문도시) 기능
  3. 창조적인 경관ㆍ환경의 창출
  4. 도시의 관광교통전략
 Ⅳ. 경주 도시 관광의 활성화 방안
  1. 경주다운 향토성을 가진 관광상품 개발
  2. 외국인 관광객 수용체재 정비
  3. 경주 문화유산 및 주변 환경의 지속 가능한 개발
  4. 인접 관광지와의 연계 필요성 추진
 Ⅴ. 결론


  • 김일룡 Kim, Il-Lyong. 서라벌대학 관광일어과 교수


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