축제브랜드자산 동인으로서의 축제서비스품질차원 규명 - 경주 술과 떡 잔치 2009 -


Identifying Festival Service Quality Attributes as a Driving Force of a Festival Brand Equity - The Case of Traditional Drinks and Rice Cake Festival in Gyeongju 2009 -

오정학, 임경환

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This study aims to identify festival service quality attributes as a driving force of a festival brand equity. To achieve this goal 'Traditional Drinks and Rice Cake Festival in Gyeongju' is selected as a case study brand respecting its recognition and reputation among residents and visitors. Results from this study eliminated several meaningful information both theoretical and managerial. Firstly, FSQ and FBE scales developed for this study showed their acceptable reliability, validity, and structural goodness of fit as a result of Cronbach's Alpha, EFA, CFA, and second-order factor analysis respectively. Secondly, by SEM it is identified there is positive structural relationship between FSQ and FBE, confirming provability for researchers interested in this theme to use conceptual model proposed in this study as a theoretical background. Thirdly, it is verified that FSQ, even though partially, has an effect on FBQ. Finally, the results of this study provide festival organizers and regional DMO with practical information about what they should concentrate on in order to achieve competitive advantage not only in successful festival organization, but also in effective destination branding.


 I. 서론
 II. 이론적 배경
  1. 축제서비스품질
  2. 축제브랜드 자산
 Ⅲ. 연구방법
  1. 연구모형 및 연구과제
  3. 실증조사 설계
 Ⅳ. 실증분석결과
  1. 자료의 검토
  2. 표본의 일반적 특성
  3. 측정변수의 신뢰성과 타당성
  4. 모델 적합성 규명
  5. 축제서비스품질 구성요인과 축제브랜드 자산 구성요인 간 인과관계 규명
 Ⅴ. 결론


  • 오정학 Oh, Jeong-Hak. 서라벌대학 호텔경영과 조교수
  • 임경환 Lim Kyung-Hwan. 서라벌대학 호텔경영과 교수


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