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A Study on Revitalization of Angang Traditional Market in Gyeong-Ju

이승석, 이영찬

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Korea's traditional markets are now facing a serious crisis because there are a lot of large distribution centers around it. Although merchants who manage traditional markets tried to improve the environment of their markets, those activities have no contributions to their incomes. The reason why they can't make a profit is a lack of business mordernization such as a service for satisfying customers. The purpose of this study is to examine a primary factor of falling sales in Angang traditional market by conducting an extensive survey. Through the results of this study, we identify that merchants and customers are in need of arrangement of stall keepers as well as an extension of convenient facilities even if they satisfy the business mordernization, and indicate the direction Angang traditional market should take in the future.


 I. 서론
 II. 국내 재래시장 현황과 문제점
  1. 국내 재래시장 현황
  2. 국내 재래시장의 문제점
 III. 안강재래시장 설문조사 결과 및 시사점
  1. 설문조사 개요
  2. 설문조사 결과
  3. 시사점
 IV. 재래시장 활성화 및 경쟁력 제고방안
  1. 안강시장내 점포의 경영합리화 개선
  2. 고객확보 및 단골고객 유지를 위한 마케팅 전략
  3. 재래시장 브랜드 개발
  4. 노점상의 유입을 통한 재래시장 활성화
  5. 고객 편의시설 확보
 V. 결론


  • 이승석 Lee, Seung-Seok. 동국대학교대학원 석사과정
  • 이영찬 Lee, Young-Chan. 동국대학교 경상학부 교수


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