MOD-processed YBCO coated conductors on the CeO2-buffered IBAD-MgO template



YBCO coated conductors (CC) on the CeO2-buffered IBAD-MgO template were fabricated by metal-organic deposition (MOD) process with Ba-trifluoroacetate and fluorine-free Y and Cu precursor materials. The precursor solution was coated on CeO2-buffered IBAD MgO templates using the multiple dip-coating method, decomposed into inorganic precursors by pyrolysis up to 400 oC within 3 h, and finally fired at 740~800 oC in a reduced oxygen atmosphere. Microstructure, texture, and superconducting properties of YBCO films were found highly sensitive to both the firing temperature and time. The high critical current density (JC) of 1.15 MA/cm2 at 77.3K in the self-field could be obtained from 1 μm thick YBCO CC, fired at 740 oC for 3.5 h, implying that high performance YBCO CC is producible on IBAD MgO template. Further enhancement of JC values is expected by improving the in-plane texture of CeO2-buffer layer and avoiding the metal substrate contamination.




  • G.M. Shin 신거명. 서울대학교
  • R.K. Ko 고락길. 한국전기연구원
  • S.S. Oh 오상수. 한국전기연구원
  • S.H. Moon 문승현. ㈜서남
  • S.I Yoo 유상임. 서울대학교


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