A Content Analysis of Korean University Students’ Images of Japanese People


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The main aim of this study is to clarify the contents and the structure of the image of Japanese people held by Korean university students. In order to ascertain contemporary images of Japanese people correctly and systematically, the survey was conducted in two phases. First, a free response style survey on images of Japanese people was conducted among 527 Korean university students in Korea. Respondents’ reported images of Japanese people were classified into 23 categories. Second, an inventory survey was conducted among 589 Korean university students in Korea. Five factors of the Japanese images were extracted by factor analysis of the data. The findings are as follows. 1) There are five viewpoints ―“invader / ruler”, “person who is principled but solicitous”, “self-depicter”, “person who does not self-disclose”, “hard worker”― at the root of the Japanese images among Korean university students. 2) The image of Japanese people among Korean university students is highly concrete and compound. 3) Awareness of Japanese people among Korean university students is changing from an awareness of them as Japanese citizens to a recognition of Japanese people as communication partners.


1. 硏究の背景と目的
 2. 先行の究と本硏究の特徵
 3. 硏究方法
  3.1 調査 1 : 內容調査
  3.2 調査 2 : 構造調査
 4. 結果
  4.1 日本人イメ-ジの內容分析
  4.2 日本人イメ-ジの構造分析
 5. 考察
  5.1 日本人イメ一ジにみられる內容的特徵
  5.2 日本人イメ-ジに對する通時的な檢討
 6. まとめと今後の課題


  • 吳正培 오정배. 동북대학 대학원 문학연구과 일본어교육학전공분야


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