고대 일본의 유통경제와 국가재정 - 재분배 실물공납경제에서 유통경제로 -


The national finance and distribution economy of Japan’s ancient country


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The finance of Japan's ancient country is based on the real economy paying tax in kind, which the people offer local specialities to the government from each area. The central government redistributes the actual items to the cost of running government offices and the wages of public officials or aristocrats. In this type of economy, the self-reliant handicraftsmen or merchants can hardly keep them alive. Besides, the goods can't be collectivized in bulk by the merchants as well as the money can't be circulated widely as a convenient medium. This means that we should grasp primarily the fiscal structure and national distribution based on it to understand the economy of Japan's ancient country. It is impossible for the nation to share properly as much as necessary very various and massive items which the majority of government offices, officers and aristocrats spend with taxes. Therefore, the dependence on distribution economy is essential to keep the nation's finance which is based on the real economy paying tax in kind. Economically, when we refer to Japan's ancient country, the important thing is to confirm the interface between the real economy and the distribution economy and catch the change from the former to the latter. This study says the correlation between the central finance and the local finance about the fiscal structure of Japan's ancient country. In addition, this examines how to combine the real economy paying tax in kind and distribution economy. Also, this notes a central market and a local market as the link between the two. Furthermore, this makes sure that the nucleus of the nation's economy is transferred to the distribution economy.


I. 율령국가 재정의 기본구조
  제1장. 국가재정의 기본구조
  제2장. 중앙재정과 지방재정 - 공출거ㆍ사출거를 중심으로 -
 II. 시장과 유통경제
  제1장. 중앙과 지방의 시장
  제2장. 유통경제로의 전환
 III. 결론에 대신하여 : 헤이안시대의 도시와 시장


  • 박경수 Park, Kyung-Soo. 강릉원주대학교 인문대학 일본학과 교수


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