初・中級韓国人日本語学習者のアスペクト 「テイル」「テイタ」の習得研究 - SPSSの分析結果から -


A Study on Aspect 「te-iru」 「te-ita」 of Japanse Learners for Korean Beginners or Intermediate Students


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Many points of view, the second language of Japanese Grammar acquirement research had approached. But, frankly speaking about Aspect of 「te-iru」 「te-ita」 are not vary. This learning study focuses on Japanese learner's language so far, in the Aspect learning study there are many 「te-iru」 which is included in 「te-ita」 and learning study about 「te-ita」 doesn't clear individually. This study focuses on the basic meaning of verbs, and consider acquisition of situation. In this research, Japanese be the second language about a study on 「te-iru」 and 「te-ita」 for 60 Koreans of Beginners or Intermediate Students that meaning of acquirement situation that I researched as SPSS data. 1. It is more difficult for Learner to learn movement of continuance than result of  continuance When you learn the meaning of Aspect 「te-iru」 「te-ita」 2. It is difficult for Learner to learn continuance than result because of the Tense 3. It is difficult for Learner to divide among the type of Verbs


1. はじめに
 2. 先行然究及び硏究日的
 3. 硏究方法及び分析基準
 4. 結果と分析
 5. 考察 
 6. おわりに


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