火災による美の転換 -「春琴抄」と「グリーブ家のバアバラの話」を中心に-


Conversion of beauty due to a fire - Mainly Shunkinsyo and Barbara of the House of Grebe -


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In this text, it made comparative study mainly of “Shunkinsyo” and “Barbara of the House of Grebe” about the conversion of beauty due to a fire. The talk develops by the envy mind of the earl and the bar rose though “Barbara of the House of Grebe” has treated the transition of destining by the loss of the pretty face. It Sasuke associate. becomes the blind due to a fire of the harp in spring in “Shunkinsyo” however. It both becomes the blind, and I come to be able to feel “Paradise". In addition, Sasuke associate Shunkin looks up as the main, it respects with the master, and it yearns for the pretty face and the genius. The opportunity of undertaking the burn in understanding both works is important, and the relation between the harp and Shyun cannot be disregarded in spring. One person becomes unhappy due to a fire though it is existence with both pretty faces, and another becomes the hero of the story that “Ugliness” changes into “Beauty”. In a word, paradoxical development that “Ugliness” brings “Beauty” in “Shunkin” is seen though it becomes a fire in “Barbara of the House of Grebe” and it becomes unhappy.


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