韩中日三国本土化品牌个性维度的一致性和差异性 - 基于文化价值五大模型、人格五大模型和需求理论视角 -


An Observational Approach to Similarities and Differences of Korean-based, Chinese-based and Japanese-based Dimensions of Brand Personality

한중일삼국본토화품패개성유도적일치성화차이성 - 기우문화개치오대모형、인격오대모형화수구리론시각 -

하인주, 강명화

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The three literatures of this study which developed for Korean, Chinese and Japanese-based dimensions of brand personality and thus, may provide a understanding about for cultural similarities and differences in Korea, China and Japan. First, the similar dimensions found is “Sincerity”(仁) compared with three nations. These similar dimensions are in accordance with “Conservatism”(cultural value), “Agreeableness”(personality trait) and “social need”(need theory). The presence of “Sincerity”(仁) dimension of three national based brand personality may reflect the visibility that obedience, maintaining harmony and interdependence has in Asian cultures. Second, the different dimension found is “Ruggedness” compared with three nations. It was not found “Ruggedness” personality dimension in Korean and Japanese, on the other hand, it was found “勇”(Ruggedness) personality dimension in Chinese. In the view of personality trait big five and need theory, the Chinese has relatively higher value on “social needs” and “masculinity” as compared with Korean and Japanese.


I. 引言
 II. 文獻綜述 
  一. 韓國, 中國與日本的本土化品牌個個性維度
  二. 品牌個性維度與文化鈴値五大模型. 人格五大模型和需求對應
 III. 韓國, 中國和日本的本土化品牌個成雜度一致性和差異性
  一, 一致性
  二, 差異性
 IV. 結論


  • 하인주 Ha, In-Joo. 중국 북경대학교 광화관리학원 경영학과 시장마케팅 박사후
  • 강명화 Jiang, Ming-Hua. 중국 북경대학교 광화관리학원 경영학과 시장마케팅 교수


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